About Chiara Marino

Chiara Marino

My name is Chiara Marino and I am a passionate a food concept developer.
In 2017 I graduated in Food Innovation at the HAS Univeristy of Applied Sciences.

Food has always fascinated me. This comes from the two different (food) cultures I grew up in: my mother is Indonesian, and my father Italian. My affinity for food has developed itself during my training at culinary school. I have learned to master all cooking techniques and gained product knowledge and experience in the field.

It is my expertise to develop concepts that match the needs of a target group with appropriate trends and developments in food with a translation to marketing and packaging. This includes scaling up a product to the manufacturer.



On my website you can find my portfolio. If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hello, you can contact me at info@chiaramarino.nl